Monday, 3 April 2017

Venomously Sweet

Raj Kishore Gogoi

"He saw a snake whispering in the ears of its victim, seducing him before the kill."

"বিশ্বাস কৰা নাছিলোঁ, দেখিলো, শুনিলোঁ, ধাৰণাটো ভুল আছিল বুলি সৈমান হ'লো। সান্তনা লভিবলৈ নতুন নতুন উপায়ৰ সন্ধান আৰম্ভ কৰিলোঁ। কুৎসিতৰ মাজত সুন্দৰে শোভা বিলাব? কি বাজে কথা। বৰং কুৎসিত আৰু সুন্দৰৰ সংমিশ্ৰণ হৈ এটা কিম্ভূত কিমাকাৰ ৰূপ ধাৰণ কৰিব।

কাঁইটৰ মাজৰ গোলাপ অথবা বোকাৰ মাজৰ পদুমৰ কথা নক'বা মোক প্ৰিয়া।
ফুলৰ লগত কোনোদিনে তুলনা কৰা নাছিলোঁ তোমাক।"

Once upon a time, there was a wall and there were they. He lived in the dark country where everything goes wrong every time and she on the brighter land. One day, the wall crumbled and they crossed paths. Their eyes met and stayed so for a while. A strange, sweet quake followed,  making their bright innocent hearts shiver, a little.

Time went on. Views were quietly burgled, bouquets of smiles were exchanged. They felt like they were reborn and he rejoiced in the new meaning of his life which in no way could he realise was false. But it was. The air was wild, the summer, sweet. They awaited an excuse for their hearts to, reveal the words they couldn't bear to keep any longer. Oh! How good was time, until it played its cards.

They had to go away, which was hilariously common to happen in such stories, but this, it promised to come back again. A separation that will reward them in the course of time of which they had nothing more but a vague intuition.

"Do you miss me?" - she would ask.
"More than the winter earth longs for the summer sun." - he would reply, honest to his last metaphor.

Time quietly flew on. Friends were forgotten, new ones made in turn, old ideas turned 'stupid', new ones were learnt. Things that felt so good didn't feel good anymore. Secrets, started to be kept and began to be buried untold. Time played its tricks it had kept hidden in his sleeves this long so perfectly. The deceitful vines of misunderstanding crept through the very roots on which they stood and started eating all the brightness away. There was too much pain and a very little hope. That cruel time, it even ate away the  leftovers. He lost himself and wondered if she did too. But, she never did. She lived on the brighter side, remember? Where nothing goes wrong, where the deepest cuts heal at the wink of an eye?

When he stood up eventually, he was surprised! He couldn't feel anything anymore. He wondered was it all a dream? An illusion that  convinced him to believe it was real? He closed his eyes.

He saw a snake whispering in his ears, tantalizing its victim before tearing him apart.

Raj Kishore Gogoi

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