Monday, 3 April 2017

The Tragic Irony

Raj Kishore Gogoi

"No one but the Ancient of Days
Knows of my tragic irony,
For He is the sole audience of my plays,
From when the sun first smiled upon me,
To the day I shall weep in  mortal agony.

He laughs at my selfishness
I camouflage with innocent eyes;
He laughs at my greed,
When I labour to bury my truths.

'cause He is the Ancient of Days
He understands the tragic irony of my plays,
But I wonder if He cries too
Seeing me weep in utter solitude,
An actor, waiting for the script and scene."

That humans posses a demonic instinct, like every living entity is an absolute fact. This instinct has been gifted to us by God himself so we survive.  This special gift of God remains invisible, veiled and weakened by the curtains of education and shakles etiquette and we almost forget all about it being there in us, but all the more we are sure of its existance. With the passage of time and evolution, these survival instincts evolved too, into killing, robbing, theft, and warfare and into its more civilised versions of conning and deceivery. No matter with what color we try to keep it concealed, it always finds a way to a shine even brighter. We often try to label it as 'the evil' in us which is an absolute shame on our part in accepting the truth of a virtue because of which our own species stands today.

I knew an author who was selling stories of his own experiences for fiction for he had ran out of ideas. I knew a student who eloquently played the part of an attentive pupil, nodding his head with acute perfection for he knew the teacher was going to question only the backbencher. We see hypocrite politicians everyday and friends who promised to die for each other but ended up in betrayal instead are a common story.

Instances are numerous and proofs many but the reason behind is sole. The evil in us. The darker alter ego. We cannot hide it, removing is out of the question. It's just an ugly truth, from which we keep running away, calling ourselves good, consoling the dark spirits within.

Raj Kishore Gogoi

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