Tuesday, 4 April 2017

In Love With A Fragrance Ep. 2

(Episode 2)
The phone beeped. The notification bar displayed a new message. He swiped open the phone and clicked on the messenger app.
"You there?" The message read.
"Yeah, what's up?" He replied.
"Nothing now. Sitting idle after dinner."
A brief pause and one more text - "I miss you."
"I miss you too."
"What was for dinner tonight?" ...

        Jessie and Fred met for the first time at Winston Junior, where Grandpa admitted him after he'd moved after his parents' demise. He was only 14 then.
          Jessie was a piece of heaven sent to earth. She was like one of those wild flowers that soothes your eyes the moment you see them, blooming in the middle of the grass, so different yet the harmony, it just makes you fall in love. Just one week of being around her for 5 hours a day was all it needed. A single look at her kept all of his sorrows, his pain and sobs of misfortune at bay. Like she'd been sent for the very purpose. Oh! how he wished he had her near him, on whose shoulders he could burst out of his suffocations. How he wished he could escape the pityful gazes of his classmates, confused if they should come and talk to him or leave him alone 'cause he might get hurt. And Jessie, her heart too pained at his loneliness and Fred always wished she would walk up to him and talk to him. When he realized, it actually should be the other way round, he wished he had that courage. Just calling each other, for the first time was proving to be too Herculian. All he could do now was to watch the other boys getting close to her and punching their jaws off in the arenas of his imagination. It was unbearable for him and maybe for God too because what happened next was a miracle for him.

(To be continued)

© Raj Kishore Gogoi 2017 (IPR)

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