Tuesday, 4 April 2017

In Love With A Fragrance Ep. 1

(Episode 1)

The evening sky that was glowing in a crimson hue suddenly turned darker. The growing noise of the wind warned of a stormy night ahead. A gust slinked in and swept away the assignment sheets from his table, scattering  them all over the place. Irritated, he got up from the chair to close the window. In the distance he saw waves rising and mumbled a short prayer. As he started collecting the papers, he wondered why the sea too became wild everytime something tormented him. He always felt the existence of a cosmic connection between the two but never bothered to think any deeper. It was half past 6 already and Grandpa hadn't yet returned from his walk to the pier. He felt worried. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It was Grandpa himself. 
"What's up Fred?"
"I was busy doing some homework. How was your walk?"
"I was only halfway down when the cop slowed his car and told me to stay in. They are telling on the radio too about a storm coming this way but I don't think there's gonna be any, it's just a sad weather. The shops had started to close down already."

Fred lived with his Grandpa in a tiny cottage on a little hill near the beach. There were coconut trees all around the house with hammocks hanging from them and a little shack where they cooked shrimps every weekend. Fred's parents passed away in a tragic car accident when he was still a child and he has been living with his Grandpa since.

By the time they had dinner, the weather was calmed again. Fred marvelled quietly at his Grandpa's forecast. After all, Grandpa had been living by the sea since he was born, so he could tell everything about its mood and tantrums with so easiness.
(To be continued)

Fred was lying in his bed when his phone beeped.)

Raj Kishore Gogoi

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