Thursday, 11 January 2018

The Alley and three stories

Another night falls in the mist
Like the countless before it,
The dark curtains fail to stop the secrets
Within the clumsy apartments,
In the alley, illegible emotions of some suburban kid
Sobs in the midnight,
The tears washing down the graffiti into the gutters.
A deserter from the war wraps a torn blanket over himself
And dreams about a meadow of yellow flowers,
Purple smiles.
Searching for the fruit of freedom,
A proud, stray dog walks towards the garbage bin.

The city grows impatient, the night grows deeper,
Choked by the mist, to die away and never return.
But nights, they are adamant,
They always return.
The curtains give away the secrets,
The graffiti sobs,
The beggar dreams,
And the shrill barking of a hungry dog echoes down the alley.

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